Premier Cleaning Solutions For All

Thelo provides a dedicated deep cleaning service which deals with the more challenging and tougher cleaning requirements. We specialise in many levels of deep cleaning, which progresses from a more thorough detailed clean to a full degrease and grime removal service.

Tailor Made Deep Cleaning Solutions

Thelo cleaning services provide free deep clean assessments.

Our highly experienced professionals can then implement the best and most thorough cleaning solutions.

Deep Cleaning Services For All Environments.

Thelo cleaning services can carry out deep cleans in a multiple range of environments and have the capability, knowledge and experience to tackle all levels of cleaning.

A deep clean is required for many different situations and the level of cleaning required can be contrasting. Due to this our deep cleaning service offers a large range of options and is not limited. We provide free assessments so we can best assess, manage and quote for your cleaning requirements.

Our deep cleaning services includes some of the following.

End Of Tenancy Cleans

Tr19 Certified Duct Cleaning

Post Construction Cleans

After Builders Clean

  • High Footfall Premises
  • Leisure Centres
  • Retail

Student Accommodation

  • Schools
  • Rental Properties
  • Holiday Rentals

Care Homes

  • Hospitals
  • Medical Facilities
  • Restaurants


  • Factories
  • High Footfall Premises
  • Tourist Attractions

More Cleaning Solutions

Need assistance with those extra tasks that take up your precious time or require a deep clean?

Thelo cleaning services offers a wide range of cleaning solutions that add to and personalise your cleaning experience.

The Difference Of A Deep Clean

Regular cleaning keeps homes and premises in good condition, but occasionally something deeper is needed with stronger products.

This can be for premises whose daily tasks generate more dust or grease build up or a  newly renovated home. There are so many reasons our service will be required, but we have one goal, to eliminate deep ground-in dirt, mould, grease or whatever product has built up in the area. Our professional cleaners will clean the premises from top to bottom getting into every nook and cranny, high and low until we have completely deep cleaned to the highest standard with superb results.

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Providing Premier Cleaning Solutions For All

Combining our cleaning professionals, state of the art cleaning technology and products, We deliver outstanding results every time.

All Your Cleaning Problems Can Be Resolved

Thelo cleaning services have the experience and professional approach that enable us to transform your cleaning problems.

Using Leading Technology in our Cleaning Processes.

For the most exceptional cleaning service.

We can provide outstanding deep cleaning results by using Texatherm, the worlds most advanced multi system professional carpet cleaning machine.

Our professional cleaners are trained in the best cleaning methods and processes for cleaning carpets, sofas, upholstery and textiles. When professionally cleaning, the sheer volume and variations in fabrics, carpet types and their construction means that some cleaning methods will work better than others depending on what we are cleaning or trying to restore.

We use the Texatherm System as it cleans using multiple cleaning methods all from the one machine, adapting immediately whilst on site and switching between cleaning methods & processes in minutes. This means we effectively provide you with the most outstanding results.

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