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Thelo professional cleaners are trained in the best cleaning methods and processes for cleaning carpets, sofas, upholstery and textiles. We use Texatherm, the Worlds most advanced multi system carpet cleaning machine. By combining our highly experienced professionals with technology that excels at cleaning, we can produce the most outstanding results.

Multi Carpet Cleaning System.

Texatherm technology enables us to adapt between cleaning  processes immediately on site.

This provides a fast, efficient service & carpets dry within 30 minutes.

Why Choose Thelo Carpet Cleaning Service?

The abundant variations in fabrics, carpet types and their construction means that some cleaning methods will work better than others depending on what is to be cleaned or restored.

Thelo has invested in the Texatherm System which is the worlds most advanced multi system professional carpet cleaning machine. The EMV machine allows us to clean carpets using multiple cleaning methods all from the one machine, We can adapt immediately whilst on site and switch between cleaning methods & processes in minutes. The methods include:

Hot Water Extraction

Low Moisture Cleaning

Dual Combination Cleaning

Restorative Cleaning

Hard Floor Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Guaranteed to remove 99% of stains

Using the Texatherm system we produce a capillary action which safely deep wet cleans, lifting soil and stains leaving  your carpet looking new and refreshed.

Benefits of The Texatherm System

This pioneering cleaning technology uses a combination of processes and solutions to give a superior clean and many other benefits.

  • The Low moisture process will disinfect and sanitise your carpet to BS EN 10 40 Standards. This is effective against Hep B, MRSA, PEM & PEKM resistant.
  • Leaves no harmful sticky residues in your carpets.
  • Delivers an exceptional deep clean with a 30-minute drying time.
  • Environmentally friendly using biodegradable cleaning products.
  • Less disruptive due to the low noise & moisture levels, allowing cleans to take place during work hours if required.
  • Is wool safe and guaranteed not to shrink or split seams.
  • Applies an antic static coating and is Ph neutral on completion.
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Providing Premier Cleaning Solutions For All

Combining our cleaning professionals, state of the art cleaning technology and products, We deliver outstanding results every time.

All Your Cleaning Problems Can Be Resolved

Thelo cleaning services have the experience and professional approach that enable us to transform your cleaning problems.

Our Unique Process

Achieves superior results that are normally associated with deep wet cleaning, whilst delivering all the benefits you would expect from a dry cleaning system.

A fine solution of the Texatherm advanced cleaner is applied to the carpet. This immediately wets out and starts the process of breaking down the trapped soiling within the carpet fibres.
The thermal pad is preheated and the Texatherm Reactive Neutraliser is applied to the pre-sprayed area. This creates an exothermic reaction that then draws the soil to the surface where the pad can absorb and remove it.
This really is the future of carpet cleaning providing the most outstanding results and leaving your carpets or upholstery looking new and refreshed.

Whether you require a full maintenance programme or a one-off clean, we can tailor our service to meet your needs.

Thelo can provide residential or commercial cleaning solutions. We will complete a free assessment so we can best manage your cleaning requirements and provide a competitive quote.

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